The Human King of Aven in the late Second Age, who lived in the city of Dendor in the east.

As a boy, he was close friends with High King Blaine, whom he met as a boy during their summers in the Greatwood. Their friendship was so strong that they made a pact, based on the two Gjeenian pennies that Agron happened to have. The agreement was that if one of them was in need, he need only send the penny to the other, and he would immediately give him aid.

At some point Agron married, and had a single son named Dular.

During the War of the Ban, a group of Kingsmen were sent to bring a Gjeenian penny to Aven, but were slaughtered near the town of Twoforks. Several months later, Tipperton Thistledown brought the penny to Agron. Agron realized that the slain Kingsman who gave Tip the penny was his own son.

The loss of his son maddened Agron, and drove him to foolishly attempt to invade Gron during the winter.

Trivia Edit

  • He was described as a middle-aged man with greying dark hair and pale blue eyes.