A hidden Elven city in Rell, where the Lian Guardians who follow Talarin dwell. In the Second, Third and Fourth Eras it was ruled by Talarin and Rael, and was considered a secret location due to its remote entryways. Not many people who were not Elves could find the place, since there are only a few hidden entrances.

It played a large part in the journey of the Warrows Tipperton Thistledown and Beau Darby, who lived several months in Arden Vale due to the impassibility of the mountains during winter. They made many friends there, including the Elves Phais and Loric. Despite their secretive location, the Elves of Arden Vale played a large part in the War of the Ban.

During the Winter War, Crown Prince Galen, Tuck Underbank, Gildor and Brega arrived in Arden Vale and were given shelter there by Rael. The Elves also cared for Galen's younger brother Igon, who had been badly injured in a battle with Modru's forces. However, the leaders of Arden Vale departed after the war, due to the death of Vanidor.

Even after Talarin and Rael's departure, Arden Vale continued to be an important Elven stronghold. In The Eye of the Hunter, the Warrows Faeril Twiggins and Gwylly Fenn came to Arden Vale in search of Riatha, the old friend of their ancestors. They lived happily there during their training, and after Gwylly's death, Faeril lived there for the rest of her life.

It was also the birthplace of Bair, the Impossible Child.

Trivia Edit

  • Most of the buildings in Arden Vale seem to be thatched huts.
  • Work in Arden Vale is organized by necessity. Every Elf takes their turn at important tasks.

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