The High King of Mithgar during the late Fourth Era. He was known as Aurion Redeye due to the scarlet eyepatch he habitually wore.

As a prince, he apparently lived a dangerous life, and lost his eye during a skirmish with the Rovers of Kistan. At some point he married, and had two sons named Galen and Igon.

He was well-loved by his subjects and well-regarded by his allies. Despite this, he showed a lack of tactical knowledge, not gathering his army until the city of Challerain Keep was almost besieged, disrupting the organization of his troops, and going out into the field to meet a representative of Modru with no weapons or guards.

He was slain during the invasion of the city. Gildor took his eyepatch so that the Foul Folk would not know that he was the king and dishonor his corpse.

His ghost later visited the descendants of Tuck Underbank, Danner Bramblethorn and Patrel Rushlock, calling on them to fulfill a promise that their ancestors had made to him.

Trivia Edit

  • He had a high regard for the Warrows, even putting them in important strategic positions.
  • His colors were red and gold.
  • He had silver hair and white eyebrows.
  • As a child, he had a silveron suit of armor. This armor was later lent to Tuck Underbank, and was never returned.

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