A Pysk Fox Rider who was born sometime in the First Era (exact date unknown). She was the daughter of Jinnarin and Farrix, and her fox was Vex.

Aylissa was named after the mage Aylis, who became close friends with her mother Jinnarin. Aylis was lost in the destruction of Rwn, and presumed dead or inaccessible to anyone on Mithgar; as a result, Jinnarin named her child after Aylis.

She took part in the War of the Ban with Aravan, where she learned more about the old friends of her mother's.

When a new way to Vadaria was found and the ways between planes were reopened, Aylissa joined Aravan's new crew aboard the Eroean.

Trivia Edit

  • She seems to resemble her father more in temperament, being more easygoing and humorous.

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