The term for a dragon who has been affected by Adon's Ban. They are like the fire-drakes in the sense that they have the same life cycle, have sentience, the ability to fly, can speak, and will sleep for a thousand years between two-thousand-year cycles of wakefulness. They have the same lust for treasure.

However, they have a number of disadvantages compared to the fire-drakes. When a number of dragons sided with Gyphon during the War of the Ban, Adon chose to punish them for their transgressions by making them incapable of being in sunlight. They do not wither into ashes like other creatures afflicted by the Ban, but the sun will kill them.

As a further punishment, Adon deprived them of their ability to breathe fire, hence the name "cold-drakes." Instead they spew acid.

Trivia Edit

  • The most famous Cold-drake was Sleeth.

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