The Sylva term for a king.

However, kingship among the Elves is very different from human kingship. Since they are immortal, a coron takes up the position only for so long as he feels he should. It is not passed down through heredity, and the consort and children of the coron are given no special title or privileges. When the coron tires of his position, it is handed to a worthy candidate.

Trivia Edit

  • Vanidar is a former Coron. For some reason, no other Elves seem aware of this.
  • In the First Era, the Coron of the Dylvana was Remar, and the Coron of the Lian was Aldor.
  • Another coron of the Dylvana was Elmaron.
  • It is unknown whether a female Elf can be a coron.

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