Dragons are a species who are somewhat common in Mithgar, having the form of massive reptiles with powerful claws and teeth, terrible fire-breath, and keen intelligence.

Origins Edit

The exact origins of dragons are unknown, but they are known to originate on another plane, which they call Kelgor. Before Adon's Ban, they traveled freely from Mithgar to Kelgor and back again for the purpose of mating with the krakens. However, for thousands of years, the dragons on Mithgar were forced to remain on that world.

The Dragonstone contains the soul of their king.

Biology Edit

Because of their origins on another world, dragons are extremely different from most other species on Mithgar. One is that despite having animalistic forms, they are extremely intelligent and capable of speaking clearly to other species.

They are reptilian in nature, with wings that allow them to easily fly and fight in mid-air. They have an unusual cycle of sleep and waking; for a thousand years they will hibernate, and then spend two thousand years awake and hunting food. They are mainly carnivorous.

Fire-drakes have the ability to breathe fire; the ones who do not are known as cold-drakes. However, there are no natural cold-drakes; this is caused by Adon's Ban.

Their species also has a striking sexual dimorphism, as there are no female dragons. The females of their species are actually the sea-dwelling krakens, which are completely different in form and show none of the males' intelligence. Only one other species in Mithgar shows this odd difference between the sexes, namely the Chakka.

Their life cycle is likewise very different. Mating is extremely hazardous, since it requires the dragon to dive into the sea in order to mate with the kraken; weaker dragons often perish and drown, since the kraken seeks to drag them down with its tentacles. The offspring are neither krakens nor dragons, but sea serpents. Eventually, depending on their gender, the sea serpents descend into the ocean, undergo a metamorphosis and emerge either as adult krakens or adult dragons.

Society Edit

Dragons are highly combative and dangerous, including to each other. The strongest dragon occupies the highest ledge over the others, and vicious fights often break out over status.

They usually only interact with other species in order to either eat them or steal their treasure.

Trivia Edit

  • Dragons are only controllable through the Dragonstone, which they cannot bear the presence of.
  • The dragons temporarily were controlled by the Dragonstone during the Time of the Trine.
  • Dragons have a lust for treasure.

Famous Dragons Edit

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