The only son and heir of King Agron of Aven. He was serving High King Blaine, who wished to send him out of harm's way by returning him to Aven. He was mortally wounded when bringing a Gjeenian penny to his father. The Warrow Tipperton Thistledown attempted to save him despite his injuries, and Dular enlisted him to take the coin to Agron, although he did not have the strength to explain who or where Agron was.

While Tip was fetching the healer Beau Darby, the Foul Folk broke into his mill and murdered Dular.

His ghost was later rumored to roam the ramparts of his father's castle, demanding vengeance.

Trivia Edit

  • He was described as having black hair and very pale blue eyes.
  • He had a small V-shaped scar over his left eye, which he received in a practice fight with his father.
  • He was approximately twenty-five years old.
  • His horse's name was Runner.
  • The reasons he was serving Blaine instead of his father are not explained.

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