The Crown Prince and later High King of Mithgar, son of Aurion and brother to Igon. He was renowned for his bravery in the Winter War, at the end of the Fourth Era, and was known as one of the Deevewalkers and a companion of Tuck Underbank.

At some point before the war, he was betrothed to Princess Laurelin of Riamon. They often fantasized about living in a cottage in the Argent Hills, but were forced to be apart because of his duties as a warrior. He and his brother Igon successfully fought off the Foul Folk in the months preceding the War, and soon Galen was leading an elite team to fight the Foul Folk behind their own lines. During the siege on Challerain Keep, he successfully destroyed some of the enemy's siege towers.

However, his efforts were ultimately fruitless, and Challerain Keep fell to Modru. During the battle, he encountered Tuck Underbank in a crypt, and the two managed to escape together. They were later joined by Gildor and Brega on their journey, and learned that Laurelin had been captured by Modru, while Igon was left nearly dead.

He was one of those who later went through Kraggen-cor, and was forced to fight the Gargon who dwelled there. Later he participated in the assault on Modru's fortress.

After the war, Galen was crowned High King and married Laurelin. They later had a son named Gareth. He also sent an army to rebuild the Boskydells after the Ghuls razed it, while also declaring that no Humans could dwell there.

He died approximately fifty years later.

Trivia Edit

  • According to Lauren, he wears a locket with a lock of her hair.
  • Like his brother, he has dark hair and grey eyes.
  • He had a horse named Jet.
  • He is ten years older than Igon, making him in his mid-twenties.
  • He died at the age of about seventy.
  • As a child, he had a suit of golden armor made by Dwarves in Valon. The armor was later lent to Patrel Rushlock, and was never returned.