There are many gods in the universe of Mithgar, similar to that of Greek or Norse mythology. Most of these gods are unnamed unless they have a direct connection to the characters or their races. They dwell in Adonar, although the location is not particularly clear.

Their existence is considered more fact than faith, since those who go to Adonar are capable of actually meeting them and speaking to them directly, although few seem to have done this. One Elf who did so was Phais.

Some Elves do not believe that the gods are the highest form of life, and that there is a single deity that supersedes them all. They believe that the gods did not create the worlds themselves, but rather reshaped material that the Great Creator had made. This is supported somewhat by Adon himself, who does not consider himself a god and claims there are those higher above him.

The gods withdrew from mortal affairs completely after Bair argued that they should not restrict or meddle with the affairs of lesser creatures.

Adon Edit

Adon is regarded as the most powerful and influential of the gods.

Elwydd Edit

Adon's daughter, and the patron goddess of the Chakka and the Hidden Ones.

Gyphon Edit

An evil god who rules Neddra, and once tried to topple Adon. Even after his banishment he remains a threat.

Garlon Edit

A god who rules the seas. Frequently prayed to by sailors.

Rualla Edit

Goddess of wind.

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