The younger of High King Aurion's two sons, and the younger brother of King Galen. Igon was in his mid-teens at the time of the Winter War, and was at Challerain Keep with his father while his brother went on missions against the Foul Folk.

Aurion had assigned Igon the task of escorting Princess Laurelin and other refugees to Stonehill, and then to assemble his army which had not yet been readied for war. Igon was displeased by this, believing that anyone could do that task, and that his skills were better suited to helping Galen in battle.

Despite his confidence in his abilities, Igon was defeated during a Foul Folk ambush and left to die of cold or poisoned blade. He was brought to Arden Vale to recover, where he remained for the rest of the War.

Trivia Edit

  • At some point prior to the book's action, Igon killed Foul Folk alongside his brother.
  • Igon had dark hair and grey eyes.
  • Igon held duty over love or honor.
  • As a child, he had a black suit of armor made by the Dwarves of Mineholt North. This was later lent to Danner Bramblethorn, and never returned.
  • He had a horse named Rust.