A princess of Riamon who was betrothed to Prince Galen in the late Fourth Era, shortly before the Winter War. She came to live in Rian and her future in-laws for several months before her proposed marriage, and fell deeply in love with Galen. Unfortunately, the brewing war forced Galen to leave Challerain Keep.

Laurelin remained close to her future father-in-law, King Aurion, and was determined to stay at the castle for as long as possible, anticipating the return of her fiance. Aurion ordered her to leave on the last caravan of evacuees leaving the Keep, on the day immediately after her nineteenth birthday. But before her departure, she outfitted Patrel Rushlock, Danner Bramblethorn and Tuck Underbank with armor that had been worn by Aurion and his sons as children.

She and Prince Igon departed the castle shortly before it was besieged, but the Foul Folk caught up to the wagon train and slaughtered most of its inhabitants. Igon was left for dead, and Laurelin was carried off and imprisoned in Modru's fortress. She had suffered a broken arm, was malnourished and filthy, and was forced to watch Modru torture the elf Vanidor to death.

Modru later revealed that the reason he kidnapped her was because he needed the blood of a native of Mithgar in order to bring back the evil god Gyphon, and he had decided to sacrifice her for that reason. However, she was rescued by Tuck at the last minute, and was brought back to Rian. She later married Galen, and had at least one child, Gareth.

Trivia Edit

  • Laurelin has grey eyes and blonde hair.
  • She shows little knowledge of warfare or tactics, putting her love of Galen above the inconvenience and danger of her remaining at the castle.
  • Her hair was cut off by Modru.
  • She loves to dance.