The Darkest Day

The Darkest Day is the first book in The Iron Tower trilogy, written by Dennis L. McKiernan.


Merrilee and Tuck are reunited just as the armies march off to Gron to destroy Modru, who is planning to return his master Gyphon from his exile. He is also using the Myrkenstone, a large unexplained meteor, to cover Mithgar in darkness so that his hordes won't be affected by sunlight. Despite this lack of advantage, the good guys attack the fortress and manage to break in, but Danner falls victim to a berserker attack and is killed opening the gates.

Tuck infiltrates the Iron Tower and remembering an old rhyme Laurelin once recited, he shoots his red arrow at the Myrkenstone, killing Modru and trapping Gyphon. However, the blast of light destroys Tuck's vision, both ordinary and "special." He and Laurelin are rescued, but Rael is unable to heal him. The Warrows return to the Boskydells after burying Danner, and help rebuild their homes.

In the years that follow, Tuck marries Merrilee and has one daughter. Galen marries Laurelin, and Patrel becomes a famous bard who composes a lengthy ode about the Iron Tower and what happened there. Gildor and Rael leave Mithgar for Adonar, because of the trauma of Vanidor's death.

Tuck, still blinded, is heralded as a hero for the rest of his life. He dies at a ripe old age, seeing Danner in the afterlife.

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