The Lay of the Iron Tower is a song written by Patrel Rushlock.


From frozen north
Comes Vile power:
The Evil One in
The Cold Iron Tower.

His black Vulgs rave
Down through the Land;
Before their fangs
A bold few stand.

He calls the Hordes
Of evil kind;
By terror and fear
To him they bind.

The Swarms invade
To east and west.
The allies stand
To brave the test.

Dark Hordes come
Across the plains.
Many are felled;
Cold Death reigns.

Liege is slain
At the keep.
Few escape;
Many weep.

Challerain falls;
Winter is come;
Terror rules
The north Kingdom

The Hosts of the King
Are fettered in War,
As under the Mountains
Stride the Four.

The Horror is felled;
The Four win free;
To Larkenwold come:
The Land of Eld Tree.

South on the river
Ride the Four;
Then a swift gallop
To the Harlingar.

Vanadurin, Wellenen,
Fly toward the Wastes.
The Darkest Day comes;
Make all haste.

Wellenen and Elves,
Hold the way.
The Host races north
For the Darkest Day.

The Heroes come
To the Cold Iron Tower.
Nine are chosen
To assault the Power.

An arrow is loosed
With no chance at all,
Yet it fells the guard
Atop the wall.

The ravine is crossed,
The stone is climbed:
Eight go up;
One stays behind.

Under the wall
Crawls the one,
And wins to the tower
For the Death of the Sun.

The bridge is felled;
The iron teeth lift;
The strike force charges;
The horses are swift.

Swords are in
Among the foe.
Brave friends die;
Sorrow and woe.

Darkness falls;
The Doom has come.
The Fate of the world
Depends on the one.

Through the window slit
The Wee One tries;
Yet Myrkenstone
Traps Warrow eyes.

Evil chants fall
Upon his ears,
And Gyphon comes
From Beyond the Spheres.

Sped by the bow
Of the brave Wee One,
The red arrow is loosed
To strike the Myrkenstone.

The Myrkenstone dies
In a flare of light,
And the Wee One loses
His power of sight.

Yet Modru is slain,
And Gyphon cast below;
And the Dimmendark falls
To the Sun's bright glow.

The Hordes fall dead
By Adon's Ban.
And southward, too,
The War is won.

Many praised the victory;
Many mourned the slain;
Yet all prayed that nevermore
Would War come here again.

Yes once there was great Evil,
And darkling Shadowlight,
But thanks to many a brave one,
Outside the Sun shines bright.