An ancient Warrow language. It is no longer commonly spoken among them, but many exclamations and battle cries are still spoken.

Examples of Sylva Edit

  • Chelga! - Stand still and speak your name!
  • Cor! - untranslated exclamation used to express wonderment
  • Ellil! - Friend!
  • faer sylva - fair forest
  • Hai roi! - untranslated exclamation
  • Hanlo's Reya - Hanlo's Foxes
  • Hlafor Galen, tuon nid legan mi hinda! - Lord Galen, do not leave me behind!
  • Hoy! - untranslated exclamation used to express surprise ot to call attention
  • Hyranan - a man of Hyree
  • Lawks! - Mercy!
  • Lor! - Lord!
  • Lumme! - Love me!
  • Mandrak - Man-Dragon
  • Skut! - untranslated exclamation
  • So ho! - untranslated hunting call, perhaps meaning, here!
  • Taa-tahn! Taa-tahn! - Rally! Rally!; a horncall
  • Ta-tahn! Ta-tahn! Ta-tahn! - Attack! Attack! Attack!; a horncall
  • Thuna glath, Fral Wilrow. - Go in peace, Friend Wilrow.
  • WanderJahre - Wandering Days

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