Not to be confused with Vanidor, Gildor's brother.

Vanidar is a Lian Elf who has lived much of his life in Darda Galion among the Dylvana. He was previously the coron, and was responsible for the planting of a whole forest of Eld Trees that subsequently flourished. At some point he tired of his position as coron, and gave it to another elf named Elmaron.

He was a friend of Arin's, and was present when she experienced her vision of the Dragonstone. Out of concern for what might be starting, he decided to accompany her as she sought counsel from the corons. After the Felling of the Nine, he was tempted to join Aldor's war-band for revenge for his trees, but felt duty-bound to accompany Arin as far as possible. He went with her to consult with Dalavar and then with the Mages of Xian, before returning home.

In the War of the Ban, Vanidar was a War-Leader for the Lian, and worked with the Warrows.

He played an important part in the reclamation of Kraggen-Cor. While tracking some Foul Folk, he and some other Elves accidentally send them in the direction of the Chakka, Warrows and Humans. When the others left for Darda Erynian, Vanidar stayed behind to help the Chakka, since he felt responsible for the deaths that he had accidentally caused. He accompanied them into the depths of Kraggen-Cor, where his archery skill was valuable in stopping the Spawn. He later visited the Boskydells for High King Darion's ceremony.

Trivia Edit

  • His favorite weapon is a bone bow.
  • His name means "Silver leaf."
  • He refers to himself as being called "Shannon" by the Dylvana in the Silver Call Duology, and is referred to by that name for the rest of the story. However, this is never referred to again in the other stories.
  • He has golden hair, usually held back by a headband, and grey eyes.
  • He is abnormally tall for a Dylvana, being the height of an average human male.
  • He is an expert hunter.
  • He was in a romantic relationship with Rissa.
  • While later books describe his clothes and weapons in different ways, the original description of him in the Silver Call duology is very similar to that of Legolas from The Lord of the Rings.

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